It’s no surprise that Grand Cayman showcases beautiful sunsets – pretty much every night. Given we had little ones with us our dinner time would often conflict with the timing of the sun going down, so on the evenings when we weren’t at a restaurant we would take full advantage of being on the beach for as long as possible. Trevor and I would love this time as it was so relaxing. With the temperature of the sand, the intensity of the sun, and the bustle of the beach traffic all having died down by this point in the day, the kids could play a bit more freely and we could sit together and soak it all in with a nice beverage in hand.

Kerry’s outfit details and links: Ann Taylor navy cover-up | Boden sunglasses 
Ella’s outfit details and links: Hanna Andersson floral swimsuit and swim hat 
Taylor’s outfit details and links: Hanna Andersson swim trunks | O’Neill swim shirt

DSC_7164_edited-1DSC_7194_edited-1DSC_7241_edited-1DSC_7209_edited-1DSC_7207_edited-1DSC_7149_edited-1DSC_7138_edited-1Reality Check. Food and drink are terribly expensive on the island, so these nights at “home” were somewhat necessary to keep the expense of the trip in check. But the sunset/frozen pizza nights were definitely some of our favorite times during the week.

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