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Easy Outdoor Fort

I’ve seen a number of super cute outdoor tents/forts this year in magazines, on Pinterest, etc. (for example, here) and have been reminded of how we used to make that happen at the cabin as kids. Rather, how my mom made it happen. I gathered the same materials my mom used when I was a child (truly – we’ve had these Beacon camp blankets for as long as I can remember) and Trevor “built” one for the kiddos. Note that our version is quite a bit easier than the showy ones you see online, but this is right up our alley from a building perspective as it takes little time and zero tools. Just a rope, a couple of blankets, clothespins, and some hefty rocks and you’re good to go! We’ll try it again when the weather cools and hunkering down under blankets seems even more inviting.


Tie the rope between two trees and secure one blanket on the line with the clothes pins. Add the second blanket to the other side and fold over at the top, securing again with the clothespins. Put the blankets at an angle and anchor the edges with the rocks.


Summer in September

It was 80 degrees and sunny across the state of Minnesota this weekend. Although that may not be unusual on the coasts this time of year, it’s spectacular and celebrated here. I love this skirt’s straw-like texture, and was happy to have another chance to wear it before short, cheery skirts have no business in my closet for the next several months.


Ann Taylor shirt | Skirt and bracelets from Melly, not available online | Banana Republic shoes (now on sale) | Kate Spade clutch | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | Anthropologie earrings and necklace | Michael Kors watch


Polka Dot Pumpkins

Although pumpkins are most commonly associated with Halloween decor, you can use them in fall arrangements throughout the season, if done in a way that doesn’t scream costumes and candy. I love the pop of color in these, and the Mod Podge process is quite easy for this project (recall that I don’t always think so, like in my “Reality Check” note in the Lake Life post – link here). This also is a good project to do with kids, particularly if you are looking to avoid the mess and stress of carving real pumpkins. Step by step below. DSC_0038_edited-1 (more…)

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