Jute Table Lamp

I am much more of a night owl than Trevor, so we like to have a lamp on each bedside table – that way if he turns in early, I can keep a little glow on my side of the bed. For the cabin I wanted to keep with a nautical theme, and was looking to have them be unique and interesting on their own since space issues dictate that the lamp is the only item on the table one side. I purchased two inexpensive lamps from Home Goods (if I remember correctly they were $20 a piece – with shades) and some jute rope from Home Depot. Grabbed the glue gun and in just an hour or so had two fantastic lamps for our bedroom. I love the texture and how the round shape contrasts nicely to the straight lines of the wood walls. Simple instructions are below, but if you are in the mood to skip the DIY aspect, some cute options are here and here.

DSC_4363_edited-1Our side tables don’t match, and Trevor’s is a bit lower than mine. Stacking a couple of books is an easy way to add height.
DSC_1375_edited-1The jute rope is the most expensive part of this project, as you need a surprisingly large amount to cover the lamps. For each lamp I used approximately 30 feet of rope!
DSC_1791_edited-1Apply glue liberally around the base of the lamp, securing the rope every few inches.
DSC_1789_edited-1I applied glue to the lamp, as well as in between the rope, pressing it together as I secured it to the lamp base.
DSC_4330_edited-1DSC_4359_edited-1Reality Check. My original plan was to paint stripes on the glass lamps, but that seemed incredibly difficult the more I thought about it! Keeping the lines straight on the surface of the sphere seemed like an impossible task, which is was truly led me to this alternative. But I’m really happy with the result (not to mention the time and frustration I saved myself!).

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  1. Lynette
    August 28, 2015 at 8:49 am (9 years ago)

    Lamp and pictures are great….I like the number of supplies needed!
    I have seen them in person and they are even better.


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