Happy New Year!

We had friends over for dinner last night to celebrate New Year’s Eve and I all but forced them to wear sweat pants, asserting that even jeans would be too “dressed up” for the evening. So no, I did not wear this dress, but I absolutely would have had we hit the town. It’s very close to another Anthropologie dress I own (link here and prior post link here), but I love that one so much that I couldn’t resist getting this one as well despite the similarities in style.


Anthropologie dress | DKNY tights | Coach shoes | Kate Spade handbag | Target earrings | Pelago bracelet and ring






Reality Check. Thank goodness we didn’t go out on the town last night, as this dress, which fit nicely toward the beginning of the holiday season, currently (including in these pictures) makes me feel like a stuffed sausage.

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