Pine Cone & Photo Centerpiece

Treat your guests to a little stroll down memory lane with this pretty and sentimental centerpiece. We hosted my parents for dinner on Christmas Eve so I used family holiday photos from when I was a little girl, but you could tailor this to any holiday or just a simple dinner party by using photos of events and people that bring to mind special memories for your guests. Also serves as a great conversation starter. Step by step for this easy project is included below.


Materials needed include pine cones, old photos, glue (I used Elmer’s), foam brush and glitter.

DSC_2941_edited-1Apply the glue liberally (it will dry clear) to the tips of the pine cone with the foam brush.


Poor the glitter while the glue is still wet. As you can see, Ella wanted to apply this liberally as well. Be sure to put newspaper or a paper bag underneath, so you can collect and reuse the glitter that spills off the pine cones.


Nestle the pictures in the pine cones and arrange on a plate or platter with greens or other decoration of your choice (see top photo).

Reality Check. This project started out as something somewhat different from where it ended, as I intended to have the pine cones serve as placecard holders, set on the center of each plate. But the pine cones continue to give off a little glitter even once dry, which although pretty is not very appetizing.

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