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Wrapped Wreath

This is as easy as it looks. Inexpensive too. Grab a foam wreath at your local craft store, some scrap fabric (preferably with some stretch, such as the wool here), straight pins and some decoration (you’ll note the pom poms left over from the Countdown to Christmas post, here, but any lightweight holiday bauble would be great for this project). This is a perfect option for a backdrop to other holiday decor, as well as highly customizable to the color, size and style that suits you. Step by step below.


Red Patterned Tunic

This tunic isn’t something I would usually pick out for myself, but I’m becoming more and more of a fan of wearing dresses in the winter, mostly because I’m terribly inefficient at getting ready in the morning. I can make quick judgment calls at the office all day, but I have a complete inability to pick out a top and pants in the a.m. in the span of twenty minutes. The dress approach makes it easy, since by definition it limits the options. And since I can’t own only black dresses, I thought I would try this one when spotting it online (link below). I love that it has a lot of color and pattern but yet is relatively subtle, has interesting detailing around the neck (which also diffuses the pressure to figure out a necklace – another time saver!) and has a great shirttail hemline.


 Anthropologie Dress and earrings | Kate Spade handbag and sunglasses | Rudsak boots | DKNY tights | Michael Kors watch | antique button bracelets


German Chocolate Toffee Cake

Time to put that pumpkin business behind us and get back to everyone’s favorite dessert the other 11 months of the year – chocolate. At the end of summer/early fall I posted a chocolate ice cream dessert recipe titled “Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Box Cake” (link here). Here is the winter version. Not at all the same ingredients or the same preparation – but the same result. Super, super happy people. Eating what you made for them. Primarily out of a box or can. How great is that?


Note that this is a really rich dessert and a 9 x 13 pan can serve a pretty large crowd (around 12 to 18 people) because the pieces should be cut small. It’s great for entertaining because of the large number of people it can serve, and because it’s better if made earlier in the day to give the cake a chance to soak up the milk and caramel.


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