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Fried Apple Sundae with Pie Crust Crisps

Remember this post from last fall? We have a tiny Honeycrisp tree in our yard at the cabin, which produces the most beautiful, delicious fruit…and we have no idea why or how. We don’t touch it all season, it’s subjected to some pretty fierce wind, and it’s all by it’s lonesome (which was confusing to me until I read that Honeycrisp is a varietal that self-pollinates). We ended up with quite the crop this season, so I’m always looking for easy ways to use up the apples (there are only so many sliced apples a family can eat, before you need to start dressing them up a little!). This recipe is far easier than making apple pie yet has all the yummy flavor served up fresh and warm. Perfect for the season! See also this delish apple crisp recipe from my mom’s blog (link here).

I needed to be a little bit faster with the camera for this shot, as the ice cream melts quickly when the warm apples are placed on top. The picture doesn’t do the dessert justice.

Elote (Mexican Corn)

This time of year I fluctuate between wanting to never see another ear of corn again to wanting to eat as much as possible before the roadside stands switch over their stock to pumpkins (which will happen before you know it!).To take a break from the usual butter and salt routine, I’ve made this version of corn on the cob a few times this summer. There are several ways to make this traditional Mexican dish, but I liked this recipe for the simplicity – mix together and slater on grilled corn!


A Twist on Traditional Pesto

A few weeks ago I wrote about my zeal for planting mint in pots at the cabin, as a way to create nice foliage at the side entry that didn’t require heavy maintenance and had the added benefit of having mint handy for some nice summer cocktails. Then my go-to refreshment ended up being one packed with basil (see last week’s post here), and I found myself with an overabundance of mint – especially in these last weeks of the season. I was skeptical to swap basil out for mint in pesto, worried that it would overpower any other flavor. Not so! Try it with your favorite recipe (or use the version I’ve included below) for a bright and interesting twist on the traditional appetizer or accompaniment to meat dishes. I served it with a bit of cream cheese on garlic rounds and topped with toasted pine nuts. Yum!
DSC_2487_edited-4 (more…)

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