Tiny Temperature, Big Scarf

I held out for a long time on purchasing a long puffer coat, which is pretty much the uniform of all Minnesota women in winter. But I did last season and I admit – I’m not sure how I did without one for so long, since I wear it almost every day. So on the occasion where it’s a touch warmer or if we have a bit of bright sun, I’ll opt for a chunky scarf to get me to and from the car, like on this quick date with Trevor. Just to mix it up a bit. And on the days when it’s particularly chilly, this is the look I will sport in the office during the day, as well. I love to have a big scarf that I can wrap around my neck, shoulders, or even my lap if needed. And on the days I’m hustling from meeting to meeting, it can sit on the back of my chair.

DSC_5277_edited-1Banana Republic scarf (love this spring version here) | Anthropologie pants (similar here and on sale) and tunic (and similar here) | Banana Republic booties | MARC JACOBS handbag | Kate Spade sunglasses | Michael Kors watch


Reality Check. This was our Valentine’s Day date. This is what happens when you go home for the weekend and your parents are more social that you (picture below). You go out at 4:00 p.m. because you don’t have a sitter. You show up at the restaurant and they tell you they are not yet open, yet let you in because it’s dang cold outside and they feel a little sorry for you. But the benefit? You have the entire restaurant to yourself on the busiest day of the year.

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