Art on the Go

I love it when my kids want to spend time being creative, whether that be with paint, markers, stamps, etc., but the whole art supply “scene” at our house is always a disaster. Super messy and disorganized. Similar chaos occurred whenever we would visit my parents, and my mom came up with the most fabulous solution – fun, compact, and cute – a kid’s suitcase. It keeps the supplies in one place, makes for easy storage, and it’s an easy thing for the kids to find and get on their own, as opposed to continually asking us for the crayons…and then the markers…and then the Play-Doh…and then the stamps.
DSC_5354_edited-1DSC_5372_edited-1DSC_5386_edited-1DSC_5363_edited-1DSC_5482_edited-1Reality Check. The art supply scene at my house? Still a disaster.

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