Not Falling Yet

So many people seem excited for the arrival of fall. Not me. Labor Day hits and I start tightening my grip on all things summer. Say, for example, wearing white. It’s such a nice change from my winter rut of gray and black. So, I tend to grab white duds whenever possible, even if not practical (really…all white at the cabin?).


Banana Republic pants | J Crew belt | Cloth and Stone shirt | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | Erik Javits purse | Michael Kors watch | J Crew bracelets | Tory Burch necklace |  Ella’s jumper: Janie and Jack


Banana Republic earrings | Keds for Kate Spade New York shoes



{My apologies for Lottie (the elephant) mooning you.  That was not intentional.}


Reality Check.  As silly as it seems to wear white at the cabin, it’s better than trying to pull it off at home.  It adds a whole new challenge to my morning, attempting to get out of the house without spills or smudges, courtesy of clumsy kiddo (or mom, let’s be honest) mishaps or those loving hugs and kisses that always come with a smear of grease from butter toast or crumble from a cereal bar.

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