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Cozy Cover-Up

I don’t wear a lot of yellow, since I don’t think it looks particularly good with my skin tone except at the end of summer when I sport a bit of a tan. I also have a hard time wearing terry cloth as a summer fabric. By definition, if I’m wearing a sundress or swimsuit cover-up, doesn’t that also mean that it’s quite warm? But with a bit more of a chill in the air, a tan the best it’s going to get this year (which isn’t saying much), and with fashion trends turning from sunny to sienna, it seemed to be a good time to break out this number.



Not Falling Yet

So many people seem excited for the arrival of fall. Not me. Labor Day hits and I start tightening my grip on all things summer. Say, for example, wearing white. It’s such a nice change from my winter rut of gray and black. So, I tend to grab white duds whenever possible, even if not practical (really…all white at the cabin?).



Testing the Theory – One Dress, Four Colors

How many times do we read, “if you like something, get it in more than one color”?  I get it, and I agree in theory, but generally I can’t pull the trigger and spend the money on more than one.  What usually happens is that if I love something, I wear it to death.  It gets nubby and faded, and I wish that I had another, or a different color, long after the product is out of stock.  I decided to test the theory with this J Crew dress, in four colors.

DSC_0542_edited-1 (more…)

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