Testing the Theory – One Dress, Four Colors

How many times do we read, “if you like something, get it in more than one color”?  I get it, and I agree in theory, but generally I can’t pull the trigger and spend the money on more than one.  What usually happens is that if I love something, I wear it to death.  It gets nubby and faded, and I wish that I had another, or a different color, long after the product is out of stock.  I decided to test the theory with this J Crew dress, in four colors.


J Crew dress | Kate Spade necklaces and earrings | Michael Kors watch |
Taylor’s shirt from Boden, shorts from Gap.

This first look was the go-to, easy pick – navy and white stripes.  I have a bit of an obsession with navy and white, and love how this can work dressed up or casual.



I thought the white one would for sure go back to the store.  Bad on pasty Minnesota skin; risky at a cabin where food staples include Cheetos and popsicles in 80 degree sun; potentially see through…you get the point.  But, I love this one.  Maybe it’s due to the fun stripe towels or because I’m toting the all-time favorite lake toy – the inner tube that my grandpa Clayton brought to the cabin decades ago, which still shows his handwriting on the side.



Kate Spade necklaces | Coach earrings | Tory Burch sunglasses

I usually don’t go with gray when I can’t accessorize with a pop of color, but this version doesn’t permit that with the touch of piping and pocket anchor.  But, I can never resist a nautical number!  I’m okay with relying on lake items to “accessorize.”


 Kate Spade necklaces and earrings | Anthropologie cup

DSC_0714_edited-4I absolutely love the navy version.  It served every purpose this summer – swimsuit cover-up, travel outfit to and from home, dressed-up pajamas, etc. (Photo staging courtesy of Ella.)

Reality Check.  I purchased these dresses, and drafted the posts, a good few months before the site went live.  I can say now that these dresses were the “Mr. Roger’s” cabin outfits for me.  I changed into one of these versions nearly every dang day. So comfortable. So easy.  So, now, off to determining what the fall version of this will be…

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