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Water Ski Decor

One of my most vivid memories at the lake as a kid was the first time I got up on water skis. Not because I remember the feeling of finally figuring out the balance between pulling back on the rope and letting the boat pull me up or the sense of accomplishment of making it upright for more than a few feet, but because of the memory of trying to drop a ski moments after coming out of the water. You see, I have an older brother and had watched him for quite some time. If he could do it, why couldn’t I? Well, lots of reasons. I took a very big tumble that day, and both skis were firmly on my feet for a long time after that painful lesson. Those “Nash Jr.” skis got a lot of love over the years, and for that reason I wanted to incorporate them into the décor at the cabin. On the lower level one hangs with a lantern, whereas the other one serves to hold an extra throw in the bedroom. With the exception of removing the damaged, dirty boots from the skis, I left them as is. A lot of the cabin décor is painted, so I wanted to have these stay natural. More detail on the simple steps is included in the captions below.


The Elusive White (and Distressed) Jeans

There are a couple of types of jeans that consistently elude me – white and distressed. As far as white jeans are concerned, no matter how many hours I spend on the treadmill I’m never quite happy with how they look on me. And distressed jeans just never seem appropriate – especially since hitting the big 4-0. So when I found these comfy, not too tight, not in-your-face ripped, white jeans, I was very happy. The sale price definitely helped. I suppose some would argue that these are more of a patchwork style than distressed, but I’m going to put them in the latter category and check it off my list!

Anthropologie jeans, shoes and sunglasses (all on sale, plus an extra 20% off with code SALEAWAY)  | Banana Republic top and necklace | Eric Javits handbag (old, similar here) | Michael Kors watch | Madewell bracelet

Strawberry Rhubarb Greyhound

This past Friday Trevor and I hosted a group of friends out at the cabin for a day in the sun and time away from the responsibilities of our normal days. I wanted to serve a fun cocktail or two, and decided to go with infusing vodka with strawberries and rhubarb. Infusing vodka is an easy way to have a fruity and flavorful drink without a lot of mixing. It was a fairly large group, and I wanted the cocktail options to be quick and easy for people to grab on their own. Although I’ve served infused vodka on it’s own, I thought that the combo of straight booze, hot sun and acting like careless children in the water could be dangerous. I looked for a cocktail recipe using the strawberry rhubarb vodka as base, and landed on this lovely twist on a traditional greyhound. If grapefruit isn’t your thing, I also served the infused vodka with lemonade and it was equally as delicious (and even less work without having to muddle the mint).

DSC_2562_edited-1 (more…)

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