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Countdown to Christmas

I know, I know, we haven’t even passed Thanksgiving yet and I’m moving to a Christmas project. Plus, I’m messing up the order of the posts by going with the DIY/Décor theme today instead of Friday. All for good reason. This is a great alternative to a traditional advent calendar, and a fun project to work on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This will be the first year we’ve done such a calendar at the Olson house, and I wanted to find a different angle than candy or chocolates, since my son doesn’t like either (I have no idea where he gets that). I also wanted to think of a way where the calendar could have a high visual impact as a holiday decoration throughout the month (in other words, not look barren once the kiddos nab their goodies). With this approach, the kids can untie their envelopes each morning, get their treats, and I can replace the envelope back on the “tree.” I also hope that if we’re careful, we can re-use the calendar for future years. I love how this turned out and although this doesn’t fall into the category of quick and easy as with most of my DIY projects (not that it’s difficult, but it does take some time), it’s well worth the effort. Thanks to my mom, this blog post about showcasing Christmas cards, and a random Ikea display I spotted the other night, all of which gave me the inspiration for the final product! This one is done with the kiddos in mind, but I think it would look striking and give it a more modern feel with all white envelopes – perfect for a couple without kids or empty nesters. What a great way to give little tokens of appreciation to each other throughout the month!
DSC_1854_edited-1 (more…)

Favorite Flannel

With the abundance of plaid this season, it’s hard to believe that I’ve had a hard time finding a solid, go-to flannel shirt. To be fair, it’s difficult because I was looking to duplicate the cozy feel of my husband’s (then boyfriend’s) blue flannel in college, but with an up to date style. This shirt checked all of the boxes. Super soft and comfy. Classic colors. Great length. Feminine styling. DSC_1731_edited-1

Rails tunic | Banana Republic pants, necklace and sunglasses | Tory Burch handbag (on sale) and earrings | Ralph Lauren boots (old, similar here and here) | Melly bracelets


Turning Kids’ Art into a Holiday Keepsake

The cute factor in kids’ artwork this time of year definitely gets taken up a notch, as they come home each day from school with a different rendition of a pumpkin, turkey or Christmas tree. All of them are darling in their own way, yet nearly all of them get lost in the shuffle of paperwork on the kitchen counter or in a pile in the mudroom. I’m often looking for ways to keep some of their special things, especially if crafted at home or, like this little gobbler, with grandma. Taylor and my mom drew and colored this turkey, and my mom and I decided to add it to the rotation of holiday décor by putting it on a table runner, using a DIY process that is quick and easy (steps included below).



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