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Sports-Themed Boy’s Room

When Ella was on her way, we needed to convert the guest room to her nursery. We made the decision to keep Taylor in his same room, to try and minimize the crazy amount of changes coming with the arrival of a new babe. But that meant she was getting the bigger room and bigger closet. I worried that I was teeing up a sibling argument right off the bat, so I wanted to find a couple of ways to make special the room change from baby to big boy. Although, now, after knowing Miss E’s personality, we would have been in a world of hurt had we not given her the bigger room and closet. I also wanted to think of a design that would last for several years. Character-themed rooms, no matter how fun, can be risky. Those of you with young kids know that what is their “absolute favorite” can differ from one week to the next (and that applies to food, clothes and superheroes).  You can put together a pretty spectacular Batman room, and have Spiderman become much cooler before the Pottery Barn Kids bill arrives. DSC_0176_edited-1 (more…)

Cozy Cover-Up

I don’t wear a lot of yellow, since I don’t think it looks particularly good with my skin tone except at the end of summer when I sport a bit of a tan. I also have a hard time wearing terry cloth as a summer fabric. By definition, if I’m wearing a sundress or swimsuit cover-up, doesn’t that also mean that it’s quite warm? But with a bit more of a chill in the air, a tan the best it’s going to get this year (which isn’t saying much), and with fashion trends turning from sunny to sienna, it seemed to be a good time to break out this number.



Bootleg Bliss

I love this cocktail (recipe below), and it goes along with my posts this week that give a nod to this summer – although I see no reason not to enjoy this yumminess at other times of the year. I dolled up this version for guests with fun straws, lime wedges, and mint ice cubes, but I can attest that it is just as delish without the frills and in a red Solo cup. I also like that the recipe is pretty loose, in that you can include the liquor of your choice – or go with a virgin version – and mess up the measurements (ahem, I mean creatively portion the ingredients), and it always seems to please. Another plus? You can freeze any remaining Bootleg mixture for another day.


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