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Honey Pepper Figs & Spicy Raspberry Bites

Several weeks ago I was looking for something or other at Anthropologie and started flipping through the cookbook, The Forest Feast (link here). I loved the stylish photography, great artwork, and simple instructions. I purchased the cookbook, and have been happily perusing it ever since. I thought this fig appetizer recipe looked delightful, and not just because it didn’t involve turning on the oven. I paired these goodies with some spicy raspberry bites, made simply by topping a cracker of your choice with a bit of goat cheese, a fresh raspberry and dollop of jalapeno raspberry jam. Yum.



Lions and [Pink] Tigers and Bears, Oh My

The company for which I work hosts a family event at the end of each summer. Social time with colleagues is always nice, but the best part is that it gets us out as a family to fun places we otherwise don’t frequent. This year’s event was at the zoo – that’s right, we don’t even make it to the zoo (we’re kind of homebodies – neighborhood park visits are a big deal). “What animal do you want to see?” is clearly the go-to question for people to ask little ones, as each person did so to Ella. She’d smile sweetly to everyone and say “a pink tiger.” Much to her delight, the souvenir stand right at the exit had plush tigers (of course it did) – one of them pink.



Checking In

When Taylor was little, it was a rare occasion when Trevor and I had time together, just the two of us. As working parents, I think we felt that we needed to spend as much time as possible with the little dude, since we missed so much of the day with him. Then Ella came along. And she came with colic. So, I quickly took the advice we had heard for years, got on the task of finding a babysitter, and asked her to come on a regular schedule. At least once every other week we have a date night on the books – a time to check in with each other. It’s a good excuse to doll up a bit (most nights, my make-up is off and I’m in sweats within about 6 minutes of getting home), and a great time for the two of us to ask each other questions other than “when do swimming lessons start?” or “can you take T to the birthday party this weekend?”



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