Warming up the Shirtdress

I loved all of the styles of shirt dresses popular this summer, and wanted to find a way to extend my wear of them into the fall. Tights are the obvious choice, but soon its all but a requirement to wear them in Minnesota, so I was looking for an alternative to bridge the gap. I love the shape (tunic) and weight (light) of this sweater, and decided to go outside of my comfort zone with the color. I know, pale pink is hardly an adventuresome choice, but I find it tough to pull off outside of the summer months.


Gap dress (similar here) | Banana Republic sweater | Tory Burch purse | Tory Burch sunglasses | Banana Republic earrings and necklace | Michael Kors watch | Melly bracelets | Banana Republic booties





Reality Check. The real reason for the pink sweater? I wanted something to wear in a post with pictures from the garden this time of year. As if on cue, many of the plants in my garden come into full color in the month of October – all shades of pink.The well-timed blooms have nothing to do with elaborate planning or gardening skill. They happen to be the plants that require the least attention and time to look good. Favorite plant – Autumn Joy Sedum; favorite shrub – Limelight Hydrangea.

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