Ready… Set…

After many months of thinking, dreaming and planning, I’m ready and set to go with this blog adventure. First order of business? Get a family photo. We have a LOT of pictures, particularly since having the kiddos. Of the thousands we’ve racked up, we have very few of the four of us. Understandable, since (1) generally mom or dad need to be the one behind the camera and (2) it is incredibly difficult to get young kids dressed in an outfit they don’t have a hand in choosing.


Kerry: J Crew shorts | J Crew shirt | Tory Burch heels (khaki here), C Wonder necklace, Kate Spade earrings | Michael Kors watch | J Crew bracelets /  Ella: J Crew skirt | Old Navy shirt / Taylor: Hatley shirt | Gap shorts / Trevor: Lululemon shirt

For Taylor that usually involves a character shirt (his current favorite is Wild Kratts) and sweat shorts; for Ella it involves anything pink … and only pink. I really wanted an updated picture for the blog (the last one of the four of us was taken in November). So, we bribed/ tricked/coerced the kids to get tidied up to take some shots with mom and dad. We were successful (for the most part) in giving my mom a quick camera tutorial, capturing some daylight (well, and got some help from Photoshop), getting Ella out of pink and convincing Taylor to stop goofing around.





Reality Check. These pictures, as so much of life, did not go as planned. The whole purpose was to get a few quick shots on the dock, then head to a small town carnival nearby (I was envisioning super cute shots of the kiddos with sno-cones and cotton candy). By the end of the pictures on the dock it was far past the kids’ bedtime, Trevor had been eaten alive by mosquitos, and everyone was crabby. Carnival pictures will need to wait.

2 Comments on Ready… Set…

  1. Rose
    September 6, 2014 at 12:59 am (10 years ago)

    Reminds me of our valiant efforts for the perfect family photo! I love the last pic, one good photo makes it all worth it.

    • Kerry
      September 9, 2014 at 8:36 pm (10 years ago)

      Right? It’s a wonder any of us are smiling at all in family pictures – there always seems to be so much stress associated with it!


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