Out of Office

Tees with script have been in style for a while now, and I’ve tried on my fair share. I never seem to be able to pull it off, perhaps because sayings in French seem prevalent. If I need to Google the phrase to find out what I’m going to have written across my chest, then I figure I shouldn’t buy it. But “Out of Office” spoke to me. And not just because it’s in English. Hanging out on the weekend is great, but even better is hanging out on a weekday.


 Banana Republic shirt (not available online) | AG tomboy jeans | Mossimo hat | J Crew earrings | Michael Kors watch | Tory Burch sunglasses | bracelets from Melly (not available online) | Tory Burch shoes (similar here)




This little turkey kept trying to steal my hat!


 Reality Check. Most of the pictures for this post had me holding a beer, which probably would convey the “out of office” feeling even better.

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