Fall Uniform

Black and gray with a pop of color or pattern (usually in the form of a scarf) is what you’ll find me in most fall and winter days. That, and a pair of Frye boots. My girlfriend turned me on to Fryes a couple of years ago, and I pretty much lived in these cognac ones last fall and winter seasons. I expect this year will be more of the same. They are comfy and stylish, and add such a nice warmth to the black/gray palate. And they’re much more practical for walking through fields in an attempt to capture the vibrant green backdrop than a pair of 4-inch heels would have been, which is my other shoe style of choice.


Gap sweater (not available online) | Banana Republic pants | Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf (old) | Frye boots | Tory Burch handbag, sunglasses and earrings


Reality Check. I assume I’m dating myself here, but does anyone remember the movie Breakdown with Kurt Russell? We had that vibe going the day that Trevor and I grabbed a few minutes to take these pictures while my parents were with the kids. A passerby was none too pleased that these “city folk” were out taking pictures. He’d drive back and forth, back and forth on the road, slowing down to a crawl each time. We would see him pull into the nearby drives and head to the doors of the houses, presumably to “report” our behavior. I get it, taking pictures in a field…with a purse…certainly looks odd, but suspicious? He was significantly less menacing than J.T. Walsh’s character in the movie, and he drove beat up pickup rather than a beat up semi, but he creeped us out all the same. Although Trevor and I laughed about it at the time, I think we were both glad to end our little photo shoot.


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