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Shorts That Started It

My husband claims he started to fancy me the day he saw me stroll by him in the “student center” at college after tennis practice, wearing gray short shorts (presumably headed to the “caf” for a dinner of Lucky Charms). Those shorts are immediately what I thought of when I saw these. They’re cute, comfy, and yes, short. I love Lululemon for workout gear, but I generally don’t splurge on pieces worn outside of a yoga class or gym (I imagine I could find less expensive gray shorts elsewhere). But a gift card from my lovely friend in L.A. seemed to call for something outside of the capris and tanks I stink up on a regular basis.  DSC_1130_edited-2


Fishing Fun

Fishing off the dock is a favorite pastime, particularly for big T and little T.  Taylor takes immense pleasure in keeping score regarding how many fish he has nabbed, versus dad (current tally:  Taylor 8; Dad 1).  Ella and I join in as well, although my main goal is trying to catch some warm sun or steal a hug from little T and Ella is preoccupied with fun new boat shoes.

DSC_0901-TU_edited-1 (more…)

Ready… Set…

After many months of thinking, dreaming and planning, I’m ready and set to go with this blog adventure. First order of business? Get a family photo. We have a LOT of pictures, particularly since having the kiddos. Of the thousands we’ve racked up, we have very few of the four of us. Understandable, since (1) generally mom or dad need to be the one behind the camera and (2) it is incredibly difficult to get young kids dressed in an outfit they don’t have a hand in choosing.



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