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Winner Winner Chicken [Salad] Dinner

Once I find a good recipe, I tend to go back to it often.  This is especially true if it gets high marks in appearance and ease of preparation.  I always get asked for this recipe (below) after serving it at gatherings.   I’m fairly well-known for not following up on these requests, so this should put to rest any rumor that I am trying to keep the recipe to myself.  Enjoy!

DSC_0102_edited-2 (more…)

Go-To Cookies

This is the first recipe (included below) I ever asked for from my mom and they continue to be my – and my family’s – favorite to this day. My mom used to warn me continually about eating raw dough – I still hear her in my head every time I reach into the bowl for a spoonful while making the goodies. Luckily, the hubs and kiddos like the gooey cooked version better, otherwise I fear the batch would never make it into the oven.

DSC_0085_edited-1Anthropologie plate


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