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DIY Party Streamers

I’ve talked about these streamers on a couple of previous posts, so I feel as though there has been a build up leading to this project that is disproportionate to the actual effort involved.  But that’s okay. It’s still cute, and is a great way to spend an hour or so with your toddler, which doesn’t involve fending off requests for a snack or to watch TV. DSC_0138_edited-1

The finished product, which we hung outside of Ella’s door for her to see the morning of her birthday (see post with her reaction here). (more…)

Cupcake Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great way to create high visual impact when decorating for holidays, events and occasions. Try this easy and inexpensive way to change up the look and up the cute factor by simply gluing cupcake liners on the glowing globes (okay, not all of them light up, but I liked the sound of “glowing globes”). Step by step below. As noted in my “Birthday Banner” post (here), I wanted to do some advance preparation in order to be ready for a stress-free party for Ella (see how well that worked out for me in next week’s “Leisure” post), which was the motivation for this project. I added in some Halloween-themed ones as well, to have ready for the evening of trick-or-treating. It’s on a Friday this year, so may as well put in some effort. In years past we’ve been known to put a bowl of candy on the front stoop. Yeah, we’re “that” house.  Not this year!
DSC_0036_edited-1 (more…)

Eye Candy

Candy corn corners the market for “the” fall and Halloween treat. It’s the first thing we see in stores in late August when they gear up for trick-or-treat related sales, has prominence in office treat jars throughout the fall, and always finds its way into kids’ goodie bags on the big night. Take advantage of the abundance (of supply as well as color) in your fall decorating with these super simple and inexpensive ideas. No glue guns or Mod Podge required. Just a will power to not eat all of the material during or immediately after the process.



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