Banner Day

It’s always been pretty easy to come up with graphic decor for Taylor’s room. When in doubt, we turn either to superheroes or sports as a theme for him. And since the “hero du jour” is always a moving target, going the route of soccer, football, baseball, etc. is always safe. Those favorites have remained the same since he was a baby. Once again, I visited the world of scrap booking to find paper stock that would easily work for this project. I was even able to find paper that replicated the texture of a basketball. I turned to Sports Illustrated for images of the various balls and found them all in one issue. I mounted the shapes on heavy stock so they would support the weight of the image and hang nicely. I purchased leather boot laces to thread through the paper to amp the masculinity of the banner. One special touch – the seams of the baseballs were actually stitched on a sewing machine that had a herringbone stitch as a option (courtesy of grandma!). It added a realistic detail and nice variety in texture.
DSC_5412_edited-1DSC_0221_edited-1Materials needed: card stock for ball shapes and background; glue or craft tape; paper punch; and boot laces.


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