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Water Carnival

I made the mistake of building up my home town’s Water Carnival a bit too much when talking to the kids about it, such that when the weekend arrived they were a little disappointed to learn that it had nothing to do with (a) water or (b) a carnival. Who can blame them?!  But on Sunday they were completely game for heading into town in the heat to watch the parade. I realized quickly that I had forgotten sunglasses or hats for them, and after a brief attempt at trying to convince them that “your eyes will eventually adjust” I realized how ridiculous that sounded and we ran to my parents’ house and raided my mom’s extra sunglasses and grabbed a hat from my dad’s golf bag. Thankfully, the kids loved their sun gear for the day. We had a great day pouncing on the candy thrown from the parade participants, and with the additions of the “ride” on the trampoline, mini donuts and face painting, we captured what would have been our favorite parts of any true carnival.
DSC_1432_edited-1There is a fine line between hugs and headlocks with these two.

Pineapple Pullover

Pineapples have definitely been an “it” print this spring, but for the most part in our house they have shown up only on clothes for the kiddos. Tory Burch had some darling options (see some included in sidebar) but I worried that the print was a little too limiting for that price point. But this top caught my eye online, and when I received it and realized it had sweatshirt kind of feel, it quickly has become a favorite (and now on sale!).

Anthropologie top | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Lilly Pulitzer sandals and clutch (sold out, but similar styles here and here and love this one as well) | Michael Kors watch | Madewell bracelets (here and here) | Kate Spade earrings | Banana Republic sunglasses

Game Board Garment Rack

When we started to decorate the lake cabin my mom offered the use of a ladder that was built by my great-grandfather. The ladder was in the one-room farmhouse in which my grandfather grew up, and was pulled down in the evening to get to the sleeping quarters in the loft space above the living room and kitchen. It’s impressive in its craftsmanship and size – at over 12 feet – and serves as a display for antique quilts in the entryway (the only area with suitable ceiling height). I love the ladder and display, especially how it welcomes everyone right when they enter the cabn. It did, however, present a bit of a design challenge because I wanted to use the adjacent wall for some small storage. We have a closet so nothing major was needed, but I wanted a place where the kiddos can easily grab their hats and sweatshirts. I tried a hall tree last summer and although functionally it did the trick, it didn’t look quite right when placed next to the ladder – it crowded the space and often looked cluttered. My mom and I were in a darling little vintage shop in a neighboring town a couple of weekends ago when I posed the design challenge to her. Proving how amazing she is in this area, she thought about it for all of five seconds and said, “Oh! What about adding hooks to a great looking old game board?” Coincidentally, one was right at our feet in the store, perfect for this very idea. I love the pop of color and the nostalgic feel, and it’s been working like a charm (it’s always a bonus when things work out visually and functionally just as you hoped). Simple steps and materials below.   DSC_0886_edited-1 (more…)

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