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Betty Danger’s Country Club

Minneapolis has had an impressive run in the last few years of opening some fantastic restaurants. Chef-driven menus, imaginative craft cocktails, and commitments to source locally are delightfully common attributes to a growing number of places to hit for a night out. Far less common – here or anywhere – is a restaurant that boasts a Ferris Wheel, a gorilla and mini golf. Fantastic in it’s own and very unique way, Betty Danger’s Country Club opened fairly quietly around the first of the year and is gaining traction and buzz now that the weather is turning nicer and patrons can enjoy more fully the things it has to offer. Spurred by a denied application at a local golf club, the woman behind Betty Danger’s set out to create the “The Country Club for the 99%,” and what she has described as a “country club on crack.” There is no shortage of cheesiness in the décor or the menu (a whole lot of melts and skillet offerings happening here), but it all seems to work nicely, especially if you’re in the right mood with good weather and great company – all of which was present the night we visited. I was particularly happy with the experience on the Ferris Wheel, largely due to my fear of heights not coming into play but also thanks to the super friendly staff and cocktail offerings while on the “vertically rotating patio” (which it is formally know as in the restaurant’s literature). I’m not sure how often we’ll go back for an evening out, but I definitely want to have the kids see Betty Danger’s, perhaps for an early brunch over the weekend. Taylor would love the mini golf and Ella would lose her mind over all of the pink that hits you from every angle.


DSC_8889_edited-1I’m not sure why, but I expected the Ferris Wheel to be an old relic, cast off from some defunct county fair. But to my surprise and delight it was shiny and new and cute. And, presumably, safe.
DSC_8888_edited-1The  Caddie Shack – where you purchase your cocktail and light snack options for the ride on the vertically rotating patio.
DSC_8890_edited-1For certain the cutest stir sticks in town.
DSC_8843_edited-1I love the Minneapolis skyline, and the Ferris Wheel ride offers great views.
DSC_8899_edited-1Reality Check. The food wasn’t quite as yummy as I had hoped (perhaps my expectations for melts and queso are too high), but everything else was better than expected. The commitment to the country club theme is fierce but yet somehow doesn’t cross the line into being over-the-top annoying.

Stitch Detail

“Bohemian” is probably the last thing that comes to mind when describing my style, but I think it’s important to mix things up a bit every once in a while. This dress isn’t too over-the-top boho chic (which I couldn’t pull off) but it definitely is a different look for me. Not unusual for me is that it falls in that category of dresses that I purchase more and more of these days – easy in that the pattern doesn’t require too much accessorizing, and comfortable but not too casual. In the spring and summer months in particular I often go straight from the office to an activity of or with the kids and need my attire to be able to fit both situations.

Nanette Lepore dress | Banana Republic shoes and sunglasses (last season, similar style and price point here and here) | J Crew necklace (not available online) | Anthropologie earrings | Michael Kors watch | Madewell bracelet | Marc Jacobs handbag (love this color for summer)

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