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White Before Memorial Day

I’ve always been a bit of a stickler with the old fashioned rule about when it’s appropriate to wear white – not until after Memorial Day, of course! Not because I believe in any associated rationale (I’m not even sure I know of any) but because I’m worried that the day I decide to wear white before that magical Monday in May will be the day I’m in a business meeting with the one person who really believes in the rule. That doesn’t mean I don’t break the rule here and there, but when I do it’s with just little touches, like the bottom of this casual yet sophisticated dress. But I will say this – having a little bit of that rule engrained in the back of your brain certainly makes you excited for the season of white and bright to arrive!

Madewell dress | Lilly Pulitzer sandals (love these shoes!) | Chloe handbag | Michael Kors watch | Hermes bracelet | Madewell bracelet  and ring| Kate Spade earrings | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | necklace (gift from a friend)

Breakfast Quesadilla

Tex Mex flavors are always a hit with our crowd. This recipe combines all the favorites – hash browns, cheese, tortillas and salsa in one easy to serve and eat bundle. Particularly when the full extended family is at the cabin, meal times get a little loose. Traditional breakfasts don’t happen as much, as leisurely mornings tend to lead up to lunchtime before we’re organized and ready for a meal. This is a perfect option for those in-between times, when you need something a little more filling than cereal but don’t want to have a formal brunch menu. The great thing about this combo is the ingredients are staples in the cabin refrigerator. If you’re looking to up the protein level, you could add scrambled eggs as a side or incorporate it right into the quesadilla.

DSC_0395_edited-1 (more…)

Gardening: Cultivating Beauty with Limited Time and Budget

Spending time gardening is one of my favorite leisure activities. Gardening can have a lot of meanings, and the leisurely type that I’m referring to is not what always occurs at our house. A few times each summer Trevor and I will enter into a weekend with a list a mile long of things that need to get done in a short time frame. Lay the Preen down during naptime; run to the greenhouse and bribe one kid (and on a good day, both) to go along so the other parent can work at warp speed; dig out the dead evergreens between birthday parties; pull the weeds that look like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors before it rains; etc. The leisurely type of gardening is what I do alone, in the evening or perhaps on the weekend if the family is elsewhere. There’s no email to answer, no IPhone to glance at, no child needing this or that on a moment’s notice. It’s peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Interestingly, it’s still a goal oriented activity in that there is real pleasure in cultivating something beautiful. But the attention required can and should be effortless and not stress-inducing, especially when so much else in life is. Having too much uncertainty with growing results, not being able to dedicate the required time for upkeep and spending too much money can all lead to unwanted anxiety and ruin the experience. With the goal of minimizing any of those potential stressors, my mom gave me great guidance when setting up my garden, and continues to give me helpful tips as it matures. Below are some of her best gardening tips, gathered over the years from her mother, grandmother, friends and experience.


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