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Rainy Weekend

We had some seriously dreary weather over the weekend, and when you’re at the cabin you can run out of things to do pretty quickly when stuck indoors for three full days and nights. Putting wireless in last summer is either a blessing or a curse, because when I have time to spare (especially in the evening and the weather isn’t conducive to sitting by a fire), then my default is to hop online to do a little shopping. My kind of leisure! This time of year is particularly dangerous and tempting, with big sales like the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Some of my favorite picks (all at around 40% off) are included below.


Michelle Watch : I’ve always loved the Michelle watches, and this pop of color would be great for summer. My first choice would be the white version, but that’s already sold out, unfortunately. | Alexander McQueen sunglasses : I find that black sunglasses are the most versatile and flattering, so I’m always on the lookout for a quality, timeless pair like these. | Michael Kors watch : This is very similar to the watch I wear nearly every day, but I love the color on the dial. | | Ivy Kirzhner shoes : These flats are practical only in that they are, well, flats. But I’m tempted to purchase just to see Ella’s face, she would love them so much. | Stuart Weitzman shoes : A few months ago I was looking for great nude heels, and these were in the final two choices of the numerous versions I tried. Nothing better than waiting to purchase and finding them on sale at a later date! | Kate Spade shoes : Love the denim look to these, and Kate Spade heels are surprisingly comfortable. | Kate Spade cardigan : This cardigan reminds me of a green and white garden print blazer I had when I first started practicing law. I loved that blazer, and this is an updated look and print. | Eliza J dress : I don’t currently own anything of this brand, but love all of the cuts and prints of the dresses. | Theory dress : A basic but great black dress always gets plenty of wear with me.

Pink and Purple

Pink and purple are everywhere in Ella’s closet, but not at all in mine – which is why this top caught my eye.  It’s actually marketed as a dress but there is zero chance I could pull that off, so I paired with cropped pants and wore as a tunic instead. I love the pattern and especially the raspberry color, as it reminds me of this tree in our yard that blooms for about five minutes in the spring.

Kora Rae dress/tunic | Chloe handbag | Coach shoes | Michael Kors watch | Hermes bracelet | Madewell bracelet | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | Kate Spade earrings

Banner Day

It’s always been pretty easy to come up with graphic decor for Taylor’s room. When in doubt, we turn either to superheroes or sports as a theme for him. And since the “hero du jour” is always a moving target, going the route of soccer, football, baseball, etc. is always safe. Those favorites have remained the same since he was a baby. Once again, I visited the world of scrap booking to find paper stock that would easily work for this project. I was even able to find paper that replicated the texture of a basketball. I turned to Sports Illustrated for images of the various balls and found them all in one issue. I mounted the shapes on heavy stock so they would support the weight of the image and hang nicely. I purchased leather boot laces to thread through the paper to amp the masculinity of the banner. One special touch – the seams of the baseballs were actually stitched on a sewing machine that had a herringbone stitch as a option (courtesy of grandma!). It added a realistic detail and nice variety in texture.
DSC_5412_edited-1 (more…)

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