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Saturdays and Sundays

I’ve seen this shirt for a few weeks in shops and online, and it always catches my eye and makes me smile. I suppose it’s because of the subject matter. I’ve passed on purchasing it in the past because the price is a bit steep for a long sleeve tee, but I know myself well enough that if I like something such that I’ve noticed it on a few occasions, I’ll be bummed when it’s out of stock. So, into the weekend casual wear it goes!


Sundry top (here and black and white version here) | Hudson jeans | Chloe handbag | Little Minnow hair scarf | J Crew earrings | Michael Kors watch | Hermes H bracelet | Madewell bracelet | Banana Republic sunglasses | Riviera shoes (last season, similar here and love the white version here)


Easy Art – Turning a Dishtowel Into Wall Decor

Anthropologie has the most charming dish towels – to the point that whenever I see them I think “these absolutely have no business in a kitchen that uses such towels to dry Star Wars and Hello Kitty plastic cups” – and I leave without purchasing any, wondering what else could be done with them. I’ve seen several cute blogs with posts about using the darling dishtowels to make pillow covers (for example, link here), but that would mean using a sewing machine (I may be going for some sort of record for owning a sewing machine but never taking it out of the box) and just generally taking more time than I am willing to spend on most DIY projects. I decided to frame the towel, using a large scale but inexpensive Ikea frame. The few and simple materials and steps are included below.
DSC_8804_edited-1 (more…)

Back to Reality

For the past few weeks I’ve had the luxury of being able to draw from vacation pictures, with summery dresses, swimsuit cover-ups, and any number of beautiful island backdrops. Now it’s back to the reality of spring outfit posts in Minnesota – dressing for wildly fluctuating temperatures from day to day, set against backdrops of random buildings and still largely brown landscape. It’s okay, I like the challenge associated with the latter. I’m kidding, of course, I SO much would prefer the former. Although I will say that I do love this tunic, and it is the perfect top for in between the seasons. I purchased it last year in three colors, and was happy to see it return this season so I could stock up once again.

Boden tunic | Banana Republic pants (old, similar here, here and inexpensive option here) | Tory Burch shoes (old, similar here) | Chloe handbag | Banana Republic necklace | Tory Burch link bracelet (old, similar here and here) | Michael Kors watch | Madewell bracelet | Hermes bracelet Boden sunglasses

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