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Buttons and Bows Keepsake Box

On the to-do list for this weekend is getting the kids ready for Valentine’s Day at school next week. I remember being woefully unprepared for Taylor’s first Valentine’s Day in pre-school. I guess I assumed that trading cards was a thing of the past. In an effort to get ahead of the overflow of paper out of their backpacks and onto the island I’m working on some cute storage for each of them to use for their goodies. I’m loving this one for Ella, which consists of a craft box, a coat of paint and some cute buttons and paper bow trims from Target’s craft section. It will give her something in which to save her cards for a bit, but can continue on as a cute accessory in her new room. When I was growing up, my mom made a heart shaped one that housed all of my hair bows and ribbons. The cute keepsake box was still on my closet shelf when I went off to college.


In Bloom

I pretty much rule out purchasing anything short sleeved in the winter months, as it’s just too chilly in Minnesota.  But I loved this dress for the soft and varied colors, the comfy fabric and the interesting pattern shift between the front and back. It helps that we’ve had some days in the past few weeks so warm that even the buds on some of the trees are confused (see picture below), making me want to reach for an outfit such as this as opposed to the usual uniform of layers upon layers.


Anthropologie dress | Chloe handbag | Michael Kors watch | Madewell bracelets (here and here) | Pelago cuff | boots (old) | Ann Taylor tights | Ray Ban sunglasses | Anthropologie earrings


Tasty Turkey Burgers

I went on the hunt for a good turkey burger recipe this past summer, when during a cleanse I thought I may jump out of a window if I had to eat yet another chicken breast. I adapted this recipe from southwest version by Rachel Ray (original recipe link here). I was skeptical, as I’m routinely disappointed with turkey burgers, at home as well as in restaurants. They are generally dry and by the time I add enough cheese and condiments to make them appealing, I feel pretty certain I’ve diluted most of the healthy benefits to choosing the turkey version over red meat. But this recipe is really great – the burgers are delicious and healthy, and I have a few tricks to make the prep a breeze. Recipe and prep tips below.



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