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Birds of a Feather

About once a day I hear from someone about how similar Ella is to me – or the other way around – usually from my husband, and usually when she’s copping an attitude. Since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of confusion whether we’re related, I have yet to take the leap into “mommy and me” outfits and I probably have missed the window – either because she is too old for that to be cute or because she has a pretty forceful opinion regarding what she wears each day. So I may as well save the $500 or so on matching Lilly Pulitzer dresses, which may never see the light of day. But when I saw this Ann Taylor sweater right on the heels of the order I placed for Ella’s darling Boden birdie leggings, I couldn’t resist.


Kerry:J Crew shirt (similar here) | Ann Taylor sweater | Banana Republic pants | Tory Burch heels and bracelet | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | kate spade new york earrings | Melly bracelet | Michael Kors watch | Chloe handbag
Ella: Boden leggings, shirt (alternate colors here) and jacket (similar here)| Tsukihoshi shoes | Gap socks


Pick-Up Perfect Grill Packets

Nestling veggies, meat and/or fish in a tin foil grill packet is a great way to serve a hearty and flavor-filled side or main dish. The recipe below includes the items appropriate for one packet, but obviously more or less of any item would work, depending on flavor preferences or appetites of your guests. These packets are great for entertaining, as much of the work can be done ahead of time (even roasting the potatoes), thereby easing the stress associated with prepping and serving the meal. You can fully assemble the packets, load them up in a cooler with an ice base, and be ready to grill.  Served with cold salads, this makes an easy cookout for a crowd without the tricky chore of producing a product that needs to be cooked to order (and to different preferences) – I don’t know about you, but we always seem to have a fair amount of stress when trying to please the variation in cooking temps from rare to well-done. You also don’t need to tend much to the packets while on the grill – another bonus while entertaining. Fun to be a host with this much flavor all wrapped up and easy to prepare and serve.




Morning is my favorite time at the cabin, as it is generally calm, quiet and sunny. On this particular day it was gray and cloudy, with intermittent sprinkling that seemed likely until the afternoon, so my mom and I decided to make a quick trip to the antique shop in the neighboring town.  She wanted me to see a farm table she thought would work well for outdoor eating at the lake.  The table was great – it was big and sturdy, and best of all, it had folding legs (key for being able to store after use and away from the elements).  I found a few other fun things, some of which I treated myself to – a vintage bracelet and some fun compacts – some I didn’t, although I’m still regretting not purchasing the cool yellow John Deere cultivator wheels.
DSC_0850_edited-1I didn’t get any of these lures, but when I returned later in the afternoon with Trevor to get the table, he let me know that he has some of his grandfather’s old lures in storage. Stay tuned for a future DIY post with those fun keepsakes.
DSC_0832_edited-1DSC_0855_edited-1Trevor, spotting some Star Wars figures. Nerd alert.
DSC_0854_edited-1DSC_0853_edited-1DSC_0009_edited-1A few small purchases. Usually the pressed powder is out of these old compacts, and you are left with a cool, vintage compact mirror. Insert a picture on the opposite side of the mirror (where the powder used to be) for a funky way to carry around a picture of a loved one. I’m not sure how often I will wear the bracelet, as it has quite an orange tone to it, but I love the buckle detail.
DSC_1138_edited-2Pretty sure these aren’t antiques, but they certainly were the kids’ favorite finds when we came back to get the table.
DSC_0856_edited-1This look, in case it isn’t clear, is the “please stop taking pictures and help me with this” look.
DSC_0550_edited-1Taylor and his cousin late this summer, helping to set the table.

Reality Check. My mom was distraught when she heard that I wouldn’t let Trevor get the $90 case of Star Wars figures. She delivered them within a week.




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