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Out of Office

Tees with script have been in style for a while now, and I’ve tried on my fair share. I never seem to be able to pull it off, perhaps because sayings in French seem prevalent. If I need to Google the phrase to find out what I’m going to have written across my chest, then I figure I shouldn’t buy it. But “Out of Office” spoke to me. And not just because it’s in English. Hanging out on the weekend is great, but even better is hanging out on a weekday.



Birthday Banner

Our little lady has a birthday coming up, and between a heavy office workload, hectic home schedules and packed school calendars, I need to plan early and do some projects ahead of time if I want her day to be special (and if I don’t want to pull an all-nighter trying to prep for the party, which I’ve been known to do).  I made this banner over the weekend, using some of the leftover cardstock from the Lake Life project (posted here) and personalized with some favorite pictures from the last year.

DSC_0022_edited-2 (more…)

Subtle Repeat

Pairing short shorts with a midriff-showing, pattern mixing top is absolutely NOT a realistic look for me, but I loved how the checked pattern of the shirt was repeated in the small piping at the bottom of the shorts.  It seemed too stuffy and awkward to wear the shirt tucked in, which was my original plan. The repeat is subtle. The outfit, not so much.



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