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Blues Traveler

I wear navy like it’s going outta style, so thank goodness it’s not. I know that I definitely need to amp up the color in the upcoming weeks to be fashion forward (scratch that, just “reasonably fashionable”) for fall, and turn away from maxi dresses to be appropriate for the season. In my defense, we need to stay so bundled for so long in Minnesota, I’m going to take advantage of every warm day we get. And I should note that this Michael Kors dress was super versatile for the past several months. It was particularly well-suited for work travel, as it didn’t show spills (I can’t complete a trip to the airport and boarding the plane without spilling coffee or dropping an ink pen on my lap), didn’t wrinkle, and took up little space in the suitcase on the way home.



Tomato Soup with a Twist + 3 Ways to Serve

Soup season is here, and for many occasions it’s hard to beat tomato, especially with a tasty twist. This recipe for Tomato Red Pepper Cream Soup is delicious and easy (two of my favorite things about a recipe) and is included below. Also note that you can make a lighter variation of this soup, simply by substituting almond or coconut milk for regular milk, and using non-fat cream cheese. Enjoy it in a casual setting for a light lunch, pair with a hearty sandwich for a filling meal (Sunday football, anyone?), or dress it up to serve as a pretty appetizer for more upscale entertaining.  See serving ideas in the captions below.


Apple[s] of My Eye

We have a tiny apple tree at the cabin, and this past weekend was harvest time. The kids have been watching and waiting for the apples to ripen all summer, and were anxious for the big day to arrive. The tree didn’t bear much fruit this year, which worked out well for our purposes – many more would not have held the kids’ attention, and Trevor’s arms needed a break.



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