August 2014 archive

Understated Statement

We recently renovated the first floor of our company’s headquarters, and the new space includes a lobby area; casual meeting space; fitness facilities including a gym, classroom and locker rooms; a mother’s room; and a “quiet room.”  I had the honor of working with the architect on the interior design.   For the grand opening I wanted to wear something that was stylish and a statement, but still workplace appropriate (not loud, short or revealing).  My choice was this shift from Boden.  I loved that it was colorful but not in-your-face floral, fitted but not tight, and a hemline appropriate for even the most conservative of audiences.

DSC_1162-TU_edited-1 (more…)

Ready… Set…

After many months of thinking, dreaming and planning, I’m ready and set to go with this blog adventure. First order of business? Get a family photo. We have a LOT of pictures, particularly since having the kiddos. Of the thousands we’ve racked up, we have very few of the four of us. Understandable, since (1) generally mom or dad need to be the one behind the camera and (2) it is incredibly difficult to get young kids dressed in an outfit they don’t have a hand in choosing.



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