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“Mommy, you need new pants.”

Two trends in jeans – distressed and high-waisted – have circled back in the last year or two, and I’ve been shying away from each of them. I feared that wearing the former would make me look like I was trying too hard to look young, and wearing the latter would make me look like I wasn’t trying hard enough to not look old. That seems like a poorly written sentence but trust me, it’s the best way to make the point. Does the SNL “Mom Jeans” skit come to mind for anyone else? A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to take a chance on some distressed denim and I ended up with this pair, which checked the box on both trends. It may be that both of them are fading from the fashion landscape in the near future (I don’t know that to be true, but that generally happens to a trend at the point at which I decide to hop on the bandwagon), but for the moment I feel relatively relevant. More on the purchase, and on the post title, below.


Peyton Jensen shirt | Citizens of Humanity jeans (now 20% off) | Banana Republic booties (extra 35% off today with code BRSHOP35) and sunglasses | Anthropologie earrings and bracelet | J Crew Necklace | Michael Kors watch | vintage Ferragamo purse


Summer in September

It was 80 degrees and sunny across the state of Minnesota this weekend. Although that may not be unusual on the coasts this time of year, it’s spectacular and celebrated here. I love this skirt’s straw-like texture, and was happy to have another chance to wear it before short, cheery skirts have no business in my closet for the next several months.


Ann Taylor shirt | Skirt and bracelets from Melly, not available online | Banana Republic shoes (now on sale) | Kate Spade clutch | Tiffany & Co. sunglasses | Anthropologie earrings and necklace | Michael Kors watch


Blues Traveler

I wear navy like it’s going outta style, so thank goodness it’s not. I know that I definitely need to amp up the color in the upcoming weeks to be fashion forward (scratch that, just “reasonably fashionable”) for fall, and turn away from maxi dresses to be appropriate for the season. In my defense, we need to stay so bundled for so long in Minnesota, I’m going to take advantage of every warm day we get. And I should note that this Michael Kors dress was super versatile for the past several months. It was particularly well-suited for work travel, as it didn’t show spills (I can’t complete a trip to the airport and boarding the plane without spilling coffee or dropping an ink pen on my lap), didn’t wrinkle, and took up little space in the suitcase on the way home.



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