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Quick and Easy Décor for the 4th

Need a splash of holiday décor for this weekend? Here’s a fun centerpiece idea, using only a couple of materials – easy, quick and inexpensive! The red and white stripes are perfect for the 4th of July holiday, but will work well throughout the summer and could be incorporated into winter decorating as well. What brings to mind a flag’s stripes one season just as easily can remind us of candy canes in another!
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Porthole Mirror

We rearranged our bedroom at the cabin this summer, which resulted in a blank wall directly across from the window overlooking the lake. I knew that I wanted to have a large mirror there, and thought it would be a great look for it to have a nautical theme. I shopped online for porthole mirrors, but the large scale ones (over 18″ or so) were in the range of $200 or more.  I decided to go the DIY route, so I roamed the aisles of Home Depot and Michael’s to find items that I could use to replicate the look, using an inexpensive Ikea mirror as the base. I made a few mistakes along the way, but they ended up adding character to the finished piece (I love it when that happens). Materials and instructions below.

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Game Board Garment Rack

When we started to decorate the lake cabin my mom offered the use of a ladder that was built by my great-grandfather. The ladder was in the one-room farmhouse in which my grandfather grew up, and was pulled down in the evening to get to the sleeping quarters in the loft space above the living room and kitchen. It’s impressive in its craftsmanship and size – at over 12 feet – and serves as a display for antique quilts in the entryway (the only area with suitable ceiling height). I love the ladder and display, especially how it welcomes everyone right when they enter the cabn. It did, however, present a bit of a design challenge because I wanted to use the adjacent wall for some small storage. We have a closet so nothing major was needed, but I wanted a place where the kiddos can easily grab their hats and sweatshirts. I tried a hall tree last summer and although functionally it did the trick, it didn’t look quite right when placed next to the ladder – it crowded the space and often looked cluttered. My mom and I were in a darling little vintage shop in a neighboring town a couple of weekends ago when I posed the design challenge to her. Proving how amazing she is in this area, she thought about it for all of five seconds and said, “Oh! What about adding hooks to a great looking old game board?” Coincidentally, one was right at our feet in the store, perfect for this very idea. I love the pop of color and the nostalgic feel, and it’s been working like a charm (it’s always a bonus when things work out visually and functionally just as you hoped). Simple steps and materials below.   DSC_0886_edited-1 (more…)

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