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Oar Chore

I’ve been on a hunt for something to fill the wall space in Taylor’s bedroom at the cabin. It’s a large space, both vertically and horizontally.  Taking a water direction for the décor seemed to make sense, for obvious reasons, but most of the nautical themed décor for kids’ rooms (at least this year) seemed to have images of sharks.  I have vivid memories from when I was a kid, thinking there were sharks in the lake.  I could not understand that although sunnies may nip at your toes in a Minnesota lake, nothing is going to take off a leg.  Clearly, I watched Jaws at too young an age.

I kept coming back to oars or paddles.  There are some super cute ones available this year, but I needed a fair number to cover the space and needed them relatively quickly (design needs to be efficient when dealing with a short Minnesota summer).  If DIY is not your thing, check out these cute options from Pottery Barn.

DSC_0837_edited-1 (more…)

Lake Life

Trevor and I made the commitment to each other at the beginning of the summer to spend more time at the family cabin.  Now that summer is quickly drawing to a close, I am happy to report that we made good on that promise.  As we drove away on the very first Sunday night in mid-May, we looked at each other and both agreed, “we love our lake life.”  It’s simple, without laundry or work or runs to Target at 10 p.m. I wanted to figure out a way to memorialize that feeling.

DSC_0542_edited-1 (more…)

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