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Polka Dot Pumpkins

Although pumpkins are most commonly associated with Halloween decor, you can use them in fall arrangements throughout the season, if done in a way that doesn’t scream costumes and candy. I love the pop of color in these, and the Mod Podge process is quite easy for this project (recall that I don’t always think so, like in my “Reality Check” note in the Lake Life post – link here). This also is a good project to do with kids, particularly if you are looking to avoid the mess and stress of carving real pumpkins. Step by step below. DSC_0038_edited-1 (more…)

Birthday Banner

Our little lady has a birthday coming up, and between a heavy office workload, hectic home schedules and packed school calendars, I need to plan early and do some projects ahead of time if I want her day to be special (and if I don’t want to pull an all-nighter trying to prep for the party, which I’ve been known to do).  I made this banner over the weekend, using some of the leftover cardstock from the Lake Life project (posted here) and personalized with some favorite pictures from the last year.

DSC_0022_edited-2 (more…)

Sports-Themed Boy’s Room

When Ella was on her way, we needed to convert the guest room to her nursery. We made the decision to keep Taylor in his same room, to try and minimize the crazy amount of changes coming with the arrival of a new babe. But that meant she was getting the bigger room and bigger closet. I worried that I was teeing up a sibling argument right off the bat, so I wanted to find a couple of ways to make special the room change from baby to big boy. Although, now, after knowing Miss E’s personality, we would have been in a world of hurt had we not given her the bigger room and closet. I also wanted to think of a design that would last for several years. Character-themed rooms, no matter how fun, can be risky. Those of you with young kids know that what is their “absolute favorite” can differ from one week to the next (and that applies to food, clothes and superheroes).  You can put together a pretty spectacular Batman room, and have Spiderman become much cooler before the Pottery Barn Kids bill arrives. DSC_0176_edited-1 (more…)

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