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Flowers in the Snow

Tory Burch had a pretty pullover in her fall collection, one that mixed a pin dot pattern on the bodice with a floral on the sleeves. I really liked it online, and loved it when it arrived in the mail. But I realized when I received it that “pullover” was a fashionable, alternative way to say “sweatshirt,” and $250 just seemed a bit too steep to spend. It was beautiful, unique and comfortable, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get my brain wrapped around the sweatshirt aspect of it. I returned it, and a few weeks later spotted this floral sweatshirt at Ann Taylor Loft (where they call it a sweatshirt, and where the price is about $33, with the current 40% off discount). I decided to try and recreate the look of the Tory Burch pullover by pairing it with a pin-dot button down.


Ann Taylor Loft sweatshirt | Banana Republic button down shirt and pantsTory Burch handbag and boots (old, loving these more winter friendly versions) | Michael Kors watch | Melly bracelets | earrings (gift from a friend) | Target hat


Bringing The Outdoors In For The Holidays

Finding time to decorate for the holidays can be difficult, especially when juggling it with kids’ school activities, year-end responsibilities at the office, and an active social calendar (even Trevor and I seem to be out and about more in these months, and that’s saying somethin’). Add the strain on the wallet this time of year, and getting house and home looking festive can be a challenge in more ways than one. When I decorate (and I admit there have been years, especially when the kids were really small, that I completely abandoned it) I need it to be efficient, impactful, and last throughout the holiday season.  Sure, Santa images make an appearance around Christmas, but for the most part the décor definitely needs to be appropriate for several months to make it worth the time and effort.
DSC_1405_edited-1For the last couple of years I’ve used things from our yard to help round out holiday decorating – red twigs from dogwoods, branches from birch trees, and dried hydrangea blossoms. I can run outside and grab them when I have a few moments free (I’m much more likely to do that than I am to get in the car on a weekend and deal with holiday crowds). Plus, you can’t beat the price. This year I added pine cones to the mix. Spraying pine cones with metallic paint is super easy, helps preserve them, and adds some interesting dimension. For this arrangement, the pine cones were placed around the perimeter of a glass apothecary jar, artfully hiding the stems of the greenery and other items placed inside.
DSC_1381_edited-1DSC_1385_edited-1Prevent overspray – create your own “spray booth” by placing the pine cones in a medium to large cardboard box. This method helps the process go quickly, as you can allow an application to dry a bit and then shake up the pine cones and apply another coat at a different angle. Particularly if you are using a mix of paint colors, you don’t need the application to be perfectly even.

DSC_1394_edited-1DSC_1387_edited-1Applying a single gold color makes for a striking look.

I don’t suppose anyone’s preference is for artificial rather than natural, but if you want arrangements to last for more than a week, you don’t really have a choice. Avoid the “fake flower” look by using some unusual items such as tallow berries and marmalade-hued globes, as shown above.

Reality Check. For this post I had planned to have the items I mention in the intro – red twigs, birch tree branches and hydrangea blossoms – as part of various arrangements throughout the house (for us to enjoy) and the subject of lovely photos (to share with you). Then it snowed 10 inches. On November 9th.


Primary Colors

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had a few months of outfit posts without a single tunic, as they are my shirt style of choice. I started wearing them a few months into my first pregnancy, when purchasing clothes that elongated my midsection became a focus for me. The excitement over seeing my tummy grow was quickly followed up by a realization that other areas – primarily my hips and bum – were expanding as well. Unfortunately, in a somewhat perpendicular direction from the baby bump. The tunic style has lingered as my preferred type of top, likely because so too have lingered the hips and bum. Babies or no, I think a tunic is a flattering look for many women. I tend to seek it out when shopping and reach for one in my closet on a regular basis. When I find one I like, such as this number from Boden, I’ll grab it in a couple of colors (I have the basic navy as well as the more trendy floral). This one has a nice structure to it, with the rolled collar and the front pockets, yet is made of a super comfy, sweatshirt-like material. Good for keeping toasty these coming months!


Boden tunic (25% off and free shipping and returns through the end of today) | Tory Burch pants (old) | Cambridge Satchel Company handbag (borrowed from a friend) | Tory Burch flats (on sale now) and sunglasses | Madewell necklace | J Crew earrings | Melly bracelets | Michael Kors watch

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